3 Tips for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Video Making

The rehearsal dinner is a more relaxed prelude to the wedding ceremony and festivities, and more intimate because it usually involves just the wedding party and family. But that’s precisely why it makes for a great time to show a video slideshow. Yes, we’ve all seen a wedding slideshow, but a rehearsal dinner video can be just as meaningful and fun.

We’ve put together three main tips for making a rehearsal dinner video that’ll bring your guests to tears.


Tip #1: Keep it short

You probably hear us say this all the time, but we can’t stress it enough: if you want to keep viewers’ eyes on your video, keep it short. For a rehearsal dinner video, we think 3 ~ 4 minutes hits the sweet spot. Any longer, and you risk the dreaded eye glaze — you know, when the eyes glaze over and the mind starts playing tricks (“Didn’t we just see that baby picture of Suzie?!”). And hey – if guests are shedding any tears watching your video, you want to make sure they’re not tears of boredom.

Tip #2: Let your photos tell the story


We know it’s your special day and you probably have about a hundred photos you want to include. But, trust us: the audience doesn’t need to see a photo of every day in your life or of the the two of you together. So focus on the highlights and stick to sharing photos that help move your story forward — a few photos of you and your groom (or bride) before you met, and then a selection of photos (and video clips) that span your relationship, from when you met up until the present day. Also remember that including a few memorable moments along the way where some of your guests were present will make them feel like they’re a part of your story, too.

Tip #3: Choose music that fits your personality

A song can make or break your video. Just think of your favourite movie — you can probably hum (or least recall) the pivotal song in the soundtrack, right? The right songs can go a long way to bringing out emotions. So make sure you pick background songs that not only fits your personality — both individually and as a couple — but that will also evoke the right emotions for your guests.

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